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So Many Things to Teach, So Many Things to Learn

Moms, do you ever get the feeling that you have soooo many things to teach your little ones? I do! Sometimes I think there's just so much I want him to know and understand. Or like there are a lot of things that he absolutely needs to know and understand. But, I can't help but to sometimes feel like I can't get it all in him. Does this make any sense to anyone except me? I mean really, there are such things as numbers and counting, colors and shapes, reading and writing and so much more! In my home, we strongly believe and stand on the word of God in our daily lives. So, my husband and I make great efforts to instill Godly principles and values within our children. Such as faith and love and kindness and honesty and all those things the bible teaches up about. Not to mention the "basics" like, who God is and what He has created and things of that nature. However, sometimes I think "am I really getting everything he needs to know in there!?" The truth is,

A Mother is MANY things....

She's A: Mom Wife Daughter Cook/Personal Chef Cleaning Expert Counselor Playmate Comforter Boo Boo Kisser Keeper of the Home Grocery Shopper Super fixer upper (you can fix anything! or so they think!) Manicurist /Pedicurist  Barber and a Hairstylist Professional Groomer Massage Therapist Chair (everyone sits on her) Bed (everyone sleeps on her) Stylist (dresses everyone in the house) Law Enforcer  Did I miss anything...? (lol) Moms, you do A LOT and it never goes unnoticed. Keep up the GREAT work!

Mom You Rock!!

Great big shout out to all the moms waking up at the crack of dawn to cook her family breakfast so that no one wakes up hungry and without food. Kudos to the moms who were up super late giving everyone baths, cooking dinner, cleaning up from dinner and putting everyone to sleep on time. High five to the moms who can stir spaghetti with one hand and play sword fighting with her little tike with a wooden spoon in the other hand. You're awesome!! Great big huggies to the moms waking up in the middle of the night to breastfeed like a hundred times or to make their hungry little baby a nice warm bottle of milk. You may have bags under your eyes in the morning, but you rock for making that sacrifice for your child! You're doing an AWESOME job! You were built for this mom. You can do it! Keep up the good work! And let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not (Galatians 6:9)  #be encouraged #motherhood # don't give up #parenting

When You Feel Like Giving Up

So, there are those days for me when I completely feel like closing myself off in another room away from all the children and just staying there for the remainder of the week! LOL. As much as I love these little people I call my children, they have the ability to work every single nerve that I have managed to salvage throughout the years! Let's just be real moms, there are those days when you just plain ol' feel like giving up! But here's the thing, we're moms. Giving up is simply not an option. Perhaps you've felt like dropping your kids off on the corner and driving in the opposite direction. Or, perhaps you've felt like "I'm leaving my husband, these crazy kids and everything associated with them and starting a new life." Whichever scenario you've dreamed about in your mind, be encouraged in knowing that today is today, but there will be a tomorrow. God willing. Love your children, enjoy the moments. The "bad" moments are not all t