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23 Days of Love and Marriage, Valentines Day Countdown!!

Because we are Mothers With Love and we honor Love and Marriage .....We are posting 23 days of LOVE and MARRIAGE in our V alentine's Day countdown!!!   Each day until Feb. 14th you will see a beautiful couple featured on our social media pages (facebook and instagram). Along with each featured photo will be a scripture or quote on  LOVE!!  We're celebrating LOVE so why not include a few details about the happy couple for the world to see! Include how long you and your spouse have been happily married,  your names and just ONE THING you love about your spouse! So far we have throughly enjoyed seeing all the lovely couples! Keep those submissions rolling in, you could be our next featured couple!! JOIN IN ON THE FUN!!! and submit via email a photo of you and your husband, to be featured in post!!! It's As Easy As That!! Be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW our social media pages to see YOUR featured photo!!

6 Date Night Ideas for Married Couples on Valentine's Day!!

If you are excited about Valentine's Day but don't really want to stick with the tradition of dinner and a movie... Mothers With Love has you covered! We've put together a list of to-do's this Valentines Day. Check it out! If you yourself have any other great ideas you'd like to add to the list, comment in this blog and let us know, It may get added to our list! 1. Re-do Your Very First Date!    This can actually be super cute and fun!! It will have you both reminiscing about how you met and the first time you connected as a couple. Hubby can go as far as leaving out for a few hours so that you can get dressed and ready for the night, then show up to the door with flowers to pick you up for the date! Another cute idea would be to wear the same colors you wore that night, wear your hair just the way you did that day or incorporate any other special memories you have from that very special first date. 2. A Painting Class!    There are many differ

6 Scriptures to Remind You to Press On

Life, it can really take you thru some things!  Have you ever been in a place in life where you've felt like you can't see your way out of troubles? I have, we all have at some point, but there is one thing that I know... God is able! Even through some of my most difficult moments in life, looking back I can see that God was with me, his hand was on me and he never left me comfortless. Take just a moment to reflect and think on the goodness of the Lord today. You too will see that our God is faithful in every promise, in every situation we face. No matter where you are in life right now or what you may be experiencing, I want to encourage you today that God is able!! I want to remind you to never give up! I know it can be difficult when you are in the midst of going through,  but I encourage you today precious mom, trust God! I think that we find ourselves discouraged in the battle and disheartened by things when we don't have any control over them. We must learn to f

5 Heartfelt and Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts From Her to Him

The "holiday" of celebrating LOVE is quickly approaching... Valentine's Day!! The special day many couples celebrate together with gifts of flowers, balloons and chocolate candies. It is estimated that 224 MILLION roses are grown and cultivated just for Valentine's Day each year. If you've been married for a while though you're probably trying to think of something more heartfelt and unique for your spouse this Valentine's Day. Are you ready!? If not, nows the time to prepare. Now, because we are Mothers With Love this post will be geared towards gifts from her (the wife) to him (the husband). Feeling a little stumped on what to give??? No worries! Here are a few of my GREAT ideas to help you out this year, check it out!! And feel free to improvise to perfectly fit you and your husband, ENJOY! 1. A Letter!-  Now, to some of you this may seem a little corny or even a bit silly BUT in my opinion giving your husband a truly heartfelt letter t

Do Your Children See the Character of God In YOU?

Join me on the podcast today as I discuss the importance of displaying Godly character for your children to see. Often times we are mindful to show Christ to others as a witness outside of our homes, but what are we displaying at home to our children when no one else is watching? I've said it before and I will say it again... You as a parent are your child(s) greatest influence in the earth. They are watching you, following you and what are you showing them, is it Christ? As they follow you are you leading them to Jesus?  We have to live a life of holiness, just like Jesus. A life that exhibits the Love of Jesus. Walk in such a way everyday, that our children can see what we are teaching them about Jesus Christ.  Listen in and please feel free to subscribe to this blog to stay encouraged in your call as a mother. I love you precious mom, and God loves you too! Podcast: Do Your Children See Gods Character in You?