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Love is What we Need

All to often, we see women who are in constant competition with one another...  During these battles of competition, we see women who get some type of fulfillment out of tearing another woman down! What I see in the world of motherhood, is that moms do the exact same thing! Moms are torn down and judged simply for making different choices for parenting...crazy! Motherhood is hard enough without being torn apart by other mothers.  This is partially why Mother's with Love was created. I want to show other mothers how they can be loved on and supported despite the fact that one chose to breastfeed and the other did not. I want to be a part of building up other mothers, rather than tearing them down. Join the movement!! We're in this together precious mom. MOMS NEED MOMS...that's my moto. Show some love to a mom in need. Remember at some point you'll be a mom in need. Follow us at:  (mom group) mo

Who Are YOU??

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest joys of life. With motherhood comes a lot of good and even some.....not so good. However, through it all we are blessed to be given such a title and responsibility. Let's face it, some how at some point during our time of being mother, it seems all to easy to lose sight of YOU and who you really are and what you enjoying doing outside of being a mom. Somewhere in between the two million diaper changes, the breastfeeding, the baths, the preparing dinners and EVERYTHING else that you do. You've somehow lost our own identity. Your spouse can even forget who YOU are. You used to have a name, now he calls you mommy too, lol. You used to have hobbies and friends and it seems like now the only person you seem to be is mom and that's not really a bad thing!  The women you once called friends have slowly drifted away and no longer care to associate with you, as now you no longer have the same things in common. And after your long exhaust

How do you FEEL about FALL?!?

It's that special time of year again... Autumn!! Or as most of us like to call it, FALL!!! I simply LOVE the Fall season! Some of things I love most is the cool crisp air,warm sweaters, cute boots, the beautiful colors of the changing trees and the sweet smell of pumpkin and spice just about everywhere you go! However, I see that during this time of the year as the skies get cloudy and the air gets cooler, some people find themselves sinking down into a state of depression. Can I encourage you for just a moment? You be the one who dictates how you feel, not the weather. If you find yourself starting to feel groggy and depressed as the seasons change, you need to find a hobby or SOMETHING that aids in lifting your spirit. Figure out what types of things make you happy. What types of things make you smile. Writing in a journal perhaps, sewing, cooking, reading...just to name a few. Often times what happens to your mood has nothing to do with the actual weather, its more internal or