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Tips for A Smooth Bath andBed Time

Bed time means…. BATH TIME and if your children are anything like mine, it’s kind of a dreaded time. Someone is usually crying or screaming, just because they don’t want to get wet or they’re so tired the thought of water touching them is repulsive! LOL. I have three adorable children and because of their ages I now have to give THREE separate baths and by the time I’m done washing 3 little faces, 3 little butts and like a million toes….im exhausted! So, here are just a few tips to make bath time and bed time go a little smoother. 1.        Start your bath time a little earlier than usual. Like before the time they get to that “cranky   tired” stage. Bath time should be a rather relaxing time for your child. 2.        If necessary or desired, try music. Music is a great way to keep things calm and relaxing. Singing together with your child is also TONS of fun!! Abc’s, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, or whatever floats their little boat. 3.        Have PJ

Home School Laws in Your State

Hey moms! I'm here today to talk about... HOMESCHOOLING!! Rather this upcoming school year is your first, third or last, I here for YOU! This post is informational. It includes info about the laws of your state in regards to homeschooling. Take a look, get your coffee or tea and inform yourself with the laws of your state so that you are properly prepared. Homeschooling is legal throughout the United States and each state is free to set up its own structure for home education, so one state’s homeschooling laws may look very different from another state. Click on the following link for information regarding your state. This is just a start for you beginners or a refresher for some of you who have been at this for a while. Keep in mind also that laws can change and they often do. It's a good idea to stay abreast with what is or is not required in your state. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below. Happy Homeschooling :-) Home School Laws