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Are you looking for a way to help your children pray? We want our children to know that Kids Can Pray too! NO, they are not too small. NO! prayer is not too hard and YES Kids CAN Pray!!  You can use these prayer cards as a guide to help your children pray. In times when they feel alone, afraid, happy, sad, hurt... There is a prayer card to help them pray and talk to God about it! Sometimes children are intimidated by the thought of prayer because they feel as though they don't quite know what to say to God or how to say it. These prayers are short and simple enough for a child to read and pray aloud. Of course they may need a little help from you mom, but before you know it, they will be delighting in prayer all on their own with the Lord! You can add to these prayers or even take away if you feel the need. The important thing to remember is that these prayer cards are merely a guide, a starting point to help encourage your child to open up and simply talk to God our father.
Listen, I want you to know that YES! There is Joy in motherhood. Do not allow your occasional circumstances make you believe that it is impossible to enjoy this crazy exciting, unpredictable journey called motherhood. I find oftentimes throughout my dealings with other moms, that mothers are losing their JOY! And I believe whole heartedly that it is a part of my call to help you restore the joy in this journey. Motherhood is HARD WORK! But it's important for us to know that with God's help it is not impossible. It is NOT the will of God for you to be unhappy or unfullfilled in this beautiful calling to be a mother. I want to show you some practical ways you can restore joy to day your day life of motherhood. I want to encourage you and help you walk in joy and purpose! Let's do it together!!!❤ Connect with me at