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15 Phrases that Help to Build Your Child Up With Love

 15 Phrases that Build Your Child Up With Love Like most people, children like to receive/hear positive feedback from those they love. As parents it's important to build our children with love. This world is full of things that come to tear them down, steal their confidence and joy in who God created them to be. We love our children and it's part of our responsibility to build them up! Speak to your children, speak over your children and as you do you will be delighted to see how they grow carrying the words of love you have spoken to them and over them down through the years.  You precious mom are teaching your children things right now that will stick with them forever and even pass down to future generations to come. Don't dismiss how critical it is to speak life, words of hope and compassion to your children. Trust me, they are listening, they will remember and your words do matter. In your tongue there is power! Choose to speak LIFE. Words that edify and build up, rath