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Help for Parents- Communicating About COVID-19 with Your Kids

With all the schools closing and everything happening around the world with the recent coronavirus, your children may have some questions as to what is really happening and we as parents have a responsibility to explain to them what's going on. We can do so clearly and calmly, while still informing them with truth. So, you may be wondering... HOW? Let's talk about some ways you can explain to your kids what's happening in our country and our world!  I look at this national state emergency as a time to teach! Being a homeschool mom we learn a lot about what is happening around us everyday. So, while some may decide to try and shield their children from the reality of what is happening, I think it is much wiser to take the opportunity to teach them about what is going on without allowing fear to settle in their precious hearts. Just because they are children does not mean this national crisis doesn't involve them, it involves us all. What I mean by tha

Church Notes Activity Packet For Kids!!

Sermon Note Taking Journal and Activity Pack Introducing- CHURCH NOTES, FOR KIDS!!! This is note taking and activity packet designed specifically for children! That's why they love it!! In this activity packet you will find colorful pages filled with just what you need to keep your child ENGAGED in any church service and not just something to keep them"busy".  One of the reasons children find the church "boring" is because it is not specifically designed for the mind of a child. Basically, it's not usually formatted for them and that can make them feel disconnected from the church and even God. I want to help you  foster a love for God and a love for the Lords house in your children with this Church Notes Children's Journal and Activity Packet. This packet can be used in church and some pages of the packet even allow for continued learning at home!  Do your children DESPISE going to church??  Do your children seem to not en