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Thanks-GIVING - Help us Give to Those in Need

The holiday season is usually a happy and busy time of the year for most people. There's lots of hustle and bustle as people all around are joyfully shopping and preparing to celebrate with close  family and friends. However, for some people the holiday season brings about feelings of sadness and loneliness because they have no family or friends to it share with. You'll also find that some people are not actually able to provide the food needed to celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving. So, this year Mother's With Love is giving back! We are in contact with a local women's shelter here in Lincoln Park, MI and we will be serving them a lovely sit down, family style Thanksgiving dinner at the Moose Banquet Hall in Lincoln Park. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the owners of the Moose Club for so graciously donating their facility for us to use. What a blessing!  The Lord has put this on our hearts to do and there is such an urgency to see it through. We thank you kindly for bei