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Suffering In Darkness as a Child of Light

As believers we have been brought out of darkness into the marvelous light of Jesus Christ. How is it then that some of us are yet suffering in silent darkness. Are you a woman who is suffering in darkness today?    Do you find yourself overcome with feelings of sadness that no one around you knows about? Do you hide away in a quiet room some days to cry? Are you suffering through life and motherhood with no joy? Do you feel lost and alone? Well you don't have to suffer alone. You don't HAVE to suffer in motherhood at all. Today, we call you OUT of darkness and depression. There is an answer to your trouble and his name is JESUS!  As believers in Christ, saved from sin by the blood of the lamb, we are called to be children of light in the earth. We should not be as others who know not Christ. We are to know him, and in such a way shine like him in the earth. The bible tells us that we were once in darkness (before we came to follow Jesus and know his truth) but are now c

Weary Mom, Don't Give Up

This one is to all the weary moms who are secretly hurting because she's afraid to tell anyone in her life, thinking they simply won't understand or make any difference anyway. Or perhaps thinking she has to be strong so no one sees her pain and thinks of her as any less of a mother than she already feels about herself.  Weary mom, I know that you are exhausted beyond explanation and just want to throw in the towel.  I know you lay in the corner of your bed soaking your pillow as you cry silently beside your spouse hoping no one hears you. Weary mom I know that each night as you shower, just as easy as the water falls from the top of the shower head tears fall from you eyes.  I see you standing there at the kitchen sink trying your BEST to hold it in and hold it together for the sake of your kids. No mother wants her children to see her cry. "Mom is OK" you tell them. Weary mom, I see you taking that MUCH needed 5 minute break on your bedroom floor, to just cry becaus

We Don't Know- God Knows

 We Don't Know - God Knows We are living in a world right now that we have never lived in before. We are experiencing things we personally have never seen or experienced before. This is very difficult for many, including me! So much uncertainty all around us every single day. This is a time when literally all we can do is seek the Lord. The reality is this... WE DON'T KNOW.  We don't know why this disease has hit our land so tragically. We don't know why the Lord allowed it to be so. We don't know how long it will last. We don't know why our loved ones are no longer here with us. We don't know how to cope. We don't know how to help or heal the brokenhearted. We don't know if we should stay home or go out continuing to live our lives. Some are in a situation right now where they don't know if  their loved ones who are still here will even see the end of the year. We - don't - know.  It's hard as people to not know what's ahead all the