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We have officially entered the fall season!! Fall is by far my most favorite season of all!! In the fall there are is beauty to behold EVERYWHERE!  I love the smells associated with fall, the colors of fall, the cool crisp air of fall, the styles of fall, the joy of people coming together for the seasons, I love it all!!  I realize however that during this season as the holidays approach, many people find themselves in state of depression and grief as they remember the lost of love ones and the times they once shared. I want to encourage you today that no matter what season of life you are in right now, God is faithful and true and he cares about YOU. I pose to you this question as the Lord did in Genesis 18:14.... Is there anything to hard for God???  When things seem impossible, we as believers have someone to stand on, someone to lean on and that's God and his word. This is how the JOY of the Lord is our strength! You may have experienced a lost of a loved one a

20/20 Vision, Online Vision Board Workshop

Hey Ladies! Join me and Mother's With Love as we host this Vision Board Workshop for the upcoming year, 2020! We are so excited to have you be a part of this event!! This year the vision board workshop will be VIRTUAL! That means you can join in on the FUN with other moms from around the world in the comfort of your very own home (how cool is that!).  If you've ever thought about trying to create a vision board but not sure where to start here's your chance! Join this workshop! If you've completed a vision board in time past but not much has manifested afterwards here's your chance to learn some different techniques and refocus your goals, join this workshop! If you've grown tired or weary and are ready for change in any area of your life, join this workshop! You'll be glad you did.It's time to invest in YOU! Here's some things to expect from this years online vision board workshop: Learn EXACTLY what a vision board is Wh