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There IS JOY in Motherhood!

There is JOY in Motherhood! Listen, I know first hand that the life of motherhood comes with it's share of struggles. Motherhood is often times described my others as the hardest job in the world! And I believe it is!  Days are often filled with clutter and confusion, if you're not careful, but in the midst of it all there is great Joy that cannot be measured. Thank God we are not in this alone. The Lord is our help. For me personally, the last week of mommy life has been rough! With kids fighting, loud screams and constant crying, it's been a bit frustrating. Not to mention I am preparing for our homeschool year as well (that's a whole other story).  However, i'm reminded by the holy spirit that you must constantly look for and remember the joy in it all. Our kids can give us the biggest headaches, but they also fill our hearts and lives with an abundance of Joy! They are uniquely designed this way. When your life is full of clutter, mess and confusion, it m

When Mommy Needs a TIME OUT Too!

How to Take a Break BEFORE You Snap!! It's been a long week in mommy world and let's face it, you are  TIRED! Long days have been followed by long nights and you are barely functioning on the caffeine from your morning coffee. You've been up all night with a fussy baby, or perhaps a sick toddler only to awake at the crack of dawn to start "moming" all over again.  With all the constant cooking, cleaning, playing kid games, disarming battles between siblings, homework assignments, laundry, preparing lunches and dinners (the kids refuse to eat), kissing boo-boo's, wiping tiny bottoms,  and the list goes on...  You feel like SNAPPING! but you are desperately trying to hold on to your composure.  Being a mom is a FULL time J.O.B. ( I don't care what anyone says/thinks). You work hard every single day and I commend you!  But what do you do when you have finally reached your breaking point?  What do you do when mommy needs a time out too? How to

Education Starts at Home

It's the month of September and in many places that means it's time for school to begin again for our children! Some are starting school for the very first time, others are returning for a new year. Whatever the case, it's a new beginning for your growing bundle of joy! Parents tend to enjoy this season, as they are able to now get a bit of a break from the everyday all day mommy duties of life by sending their kid off to school. For others it's a bitter sweet moment to watch their little one go off into a whole new world- without them. I encourage you however to not only prepare yourself for this new time, but prepare your child as well. Education for a child begins well BEFORE they enter into the classroom. As a matter of fact, teachers and school administers EXPECT your child(ren) to already know a number of things prior to starting kindergarten or even pre-school. Children are expected to be able to recognize most letters and numbers, socialize well with others