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Adale Mitchell is the author of the very popular books Weary Mom Don't Give Up and the new series entitled COVERED. She reaches audiences of women and mothers by speaking engagements and coaching programs, through her ministry group Empowered Her, and through her blog site "Mothers With Love". Adale cultivates hearts and calms the chaos of  her home as the chief executive officer of the Mitchell household.  She and her husband Pastor Willie Mitchell, enjoy and adore their 3 beautiful children together within a surrounding city outside of Detroit MI. 

With her words of encouragement and resources of support, she offers love and encouragement to weary moms who are yet committed to seeking God in excellence, for themselves and their families. She is a woman who believes in God's ability to be strong in our weakness! And equips mothers to go forth in the joy, purpose and power of life and motherhood. 

You can find her here sharing her journey at motherswithlove.com
Also on social media platforms. FB at facebook.com/motherswithlove
Instagram at Instagram/motherswlove

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This is the place moms gather to be encouraged along this wonderful journey called Motherhood. Though mom life comes with it's many difficulties, it is my belief that there is great Joy in the journey! I'm here helping to strengthen you in your walk as a woman, mother and a wife. I believe in building you up, not tearing you down for any reason. So join me an as I encourage you on topics regarding faith, family, motherhood, parenting & marriage .

 Each and every day we all get to make a choice. The choices we make today decide whether or not we will embrace our God given potential, explore our possibilities, or live fully in our purpose. We get this one life to live, let's live it well! We could all use a little encouragement along the way!

I write, speak, and coach in hopes that it might encourage you, help you grow, and inspire you to make choices today that will build the tomorrow of your dreams. The abundant life God has purposed you and I to live. 

Have a look around and feel free to comment or share!  We are in this together!

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