Weary Mom, Don't Give Up

This one is to all the weary moms who are secretly hurting because she's afraid to tell anyone in her life, thinking they simply won't understand or make any difference anyway. Or perhaps thinking she has to be strong so no one sees her pain and thinks of her as any less of a mother than she already feels about herself. 

Weary mom, I know that you are exhausted beyond explanation and just want to throw in the towel. 
I know you lay in the corner of your bed soaking your pillow as you cry silently beside your spouse hoping no one hears you.

Weary mom I know that each night as you shower, just as easy as the water falls from the top of the shower head tears fall from you eyes. 

I see you standing there at the kitchen sink trying your BEST to hold it in and hold it together for the sake of your kids. No mother wants her children to see her cry. "Mom is OK" you tell them.

Weary mom, I see you taking that MUCH needed 5 minute break on your bedroom floor, to just cry because that's all you have the strength left to do. 

I know you are praying and asking God to give you the strength to just see this thing called life  through. 

Weary mom, I know you're battling with self-confidence and self worth.

I know that you are tired of cooking the meals no one wants to eat or dealing with the battles of deciding what to cook for your families everyday. 

Weary mom, I see you struggling to find your voice and your place in the world. 

I understand how sometimes you feel alone even with a household full of people. 

Weary mom, I know you are living through a pandemic and you're not quite sure how to navigate it all. 

I know you have experienced more in one single year than you ever thought possible. 

I know you're concerned about your children and your husband and your family as a whole. 

Weary mom I know you see all the other moms out there going on and going out while you still aren't comfortable. 

I know you're tired and overwhelmed with trying to create SAFE activities to keep your kids happy and help them through this pandemic. 

Weary mom, I know that if feels just about impossible almost every single day... BUT

Can I tell you something mom...???

YOU CAN DO THIS!! It's not impossible. 

It's hard some days, and some days you may just have to cry it out. But whatever you do, don't give up.

You are beautiful, you are enough, you are worth it, you are important, you are stronger than you think. You are resilient and needed. You are immensely loved and your continuous and gentle daily care for your children and your family does not go unnoticed by God.  Your tears matter and each one of them are counted and understood. Your cares are cares for the Lord and today I encourage you to cast them upon Him, for he cares for you. 

When I think of casting I think much like casting a net into the sea or casting a fishing reel out to catch a fish. When you cast a net out into the water, you are throwing it out there into the deep. Just letting it all go waiting patiently for a return of something good, something big, something great! So, when the scripture says to cast your cares on Him (the Lord) let us do so much like casting our nets for fish. Let's just throw it all out there, Lord here it is! Here are all my fears, my anxiety, my cares, my burdens, my weights, my tears, my heaviness, my uncertainty. I'm letting them go, father you take them. Knowing that you Lord are able to handle them. And as we cast all our cares out there to the Lord, we wait patiently on the return of something good, something big, something great! For God to do in us and in our lives. 

Hold on and please, whatever you do, don't - give - up! 

If you are a weary mom struggling to find joy in this journey of motherhood, I want you to have a copy of my book entitled: WEARY MOM, DON'T GIVE UP


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