Joy in the Journey - Workshop for Moms


Joy in the Journey of Motherhood Workshop!


Are you feeling burned out?

Do you find yourself frustrated just about everyday!?

Do you feel like you're all alone and need other moms to connect with?

Do you battle with the thought of not being enough for your kids or your family?

Do you want to know how to walk in the JOY that God has for us in motherhood?


I'd like to invite you to join me and moms across the world as we gathering for this empowering VIRTUAL workshop tailored specifically for the weary mom. I'm offering a JOY IN THE JOURNEY virtual workshop that will cover topics that will help you transform your life as a mother! You will gain insight and STRATEGY on how to fight against frustration and burnout, overcome overwhelm, stop constant anxiety, go past giving up, letting go of mom guilt and soooo much more! You don't want to miss this! You'll have the opportunity to meet new people, share your experiences, ask questions, get answers and leave with practical strategy to overcome! You were made to go forth, in POWER and PURPOSE. There is a better way than being frustrated, depressed, angry and overwhelmed everyday in motherhood. You are NOT helpless and you are NOT hopeless! There is Joy in the Journey! 

This is a group workshop aimed at helping moms connect and together overcoming mom burnout and restoring the joy of motherhood.

What YOU'll Get From this Workshop!:

Discover step-by-step ways to STOP being                            consistently frustrated everyday with your kids

Uncover tools for preventing Overwhelm from day to day

✔ Practical Strategies for Fighting Against Frustration

✔ How to WALK in the Joy of motherhood

✔ Worksheets for organizing your time and day to prevent misery          in motherhood

A FREE copy of our E-book "Weary Mom Don't Give Up"

Connect with other Moms, just like you! Make mom friends!

✔ FREE access to our facebook group 

A  FREE 15 min one-on-one consultation session with Mom Life  Coach Adale Mitchell, following the workshop (upon request)

This session is 90mins in length and the cost is $55. I am CONFIDENT that after this session you will be on the road to a more fulfilling life as a mom!! Without the burden of burnout!!

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing like coming together with other moms! We can all gain so much from connecting with one another.

 Sign up BELOW👇👇👇

Cost : $55 (incredible value for what you are going to get after taking this session!!)

Email me at for questions

Let me HELP you live a life Transformed!! 


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